Little Rain

The perfect beer if you like fruit but don't want it to be too sour. Our brewer made it for you. Mango, orange, peach, all this in a refreshing base with light acidity and a silky body. It is a cross between sour and traditional wheat beer. But with a good dose of fruit, and our love for the unusual.

  • Alcohol: 6,2%
  • IBU: 9
  • Plato: 14,7

Order Lost

Collaboration with Belgians and Ukrainians in two acts. In Belgium, we brewed black IPA. And this is our answer, it is a delicately hopped white IPA, delicate, light, balanced by a large amount of wheat, with a pleasant bitterness.

  • Alcohol: 6,5%
  • IBU: 30
  • Plato: 14,3

Formula B  |  Laphroaig

Strong and rich quadruple. Aged in Laphroaig Island whiskey casks. The caramel notes inherent in this style of beer have taken on the breath of the sea, peat bogs, and a subtle smoky profile. The body is pleasant, velvety, warming and pleasantly soft.

  • Alcohol: 12%
  • IBU: 20
  • Plato: 23
  • Volume: 750ml

Roast Proost

The smell of black roasted coffee, sweetened by delicious notes of caramel and a hint of dark chocolate, all mixed together in a fountain of toffee. In your mouth, it will be creamy with a sweet caramel taste that will lead you to the strong, roasted, bitter ending. A true creamy roasted bomb.

  • Alcohol: 9,5%
  • IBU: 67
  • Plato: 24

Formula B  |  Jim Beam

Quad aged for 10 months in Jim Beam barrels became a true veteran. It earned flavor medals - caramel, vanilla, and elusive hints of smoke. This beer, which had such a long "conversation" with the barrel, has such a deep character that after the first sip, you can say, "Congratulations, we're officially friends!"

  • Alcohol: 12,0%
  • IBU: 20
  • Plato: 23
  • Volume: 750ml

You can Dance

Oh, we really love collaborations. This time, our friends from distant and sunny Georgia flew in to visit us. How to cool down when it's hot outside? Head to the mountains where there's snow all year round, or have a sip of our Cold IPA. It's a relatively new style of beer where lager yeast is used, but fermentation occurs at high temperatures. And of course, it's loaded with a generous amount of aromatic hops.

  • Alcohol: 6,3%
  • IBU: 33
  • Plato: 14

All you need is Pils

Our craft Bohemian Pilsner is like a bold cupid dressed as a racing driver on the label. It's not just a funny symbol, but a true love messenger. It shoots taste arrows like a driver leaving tire smoke on the track. Its mission is to connect you with this special beer and propel you towards new flavor adventures.

  • Alcohol: 5,0%
  • IBU: 33
  • Plato: 12,6

Driver Diver

Double NEIPA from HOP RACER brewery - a beer that doubles the pleasure! In the picture: a daring racer with a big smile saddles two dolphins. This beer makes him so happy that he decided to ride on them. Enjoy Double NEIPA and experience an explosion of flavors!

  • Alcohol: 7,7%
  • IBU: 20
  • Plato: 18,9

Born to be Fly

It's really delicious, it's like a dessert, a gooey chocolate coconut cake in a glass. But everything has to be balanced, it's not syrup, it's a nice rich beer. Which, despite the large portion of coconut and residual sugars, still remains beer. But not just beer, but a product that will definitely give you pleasant emotions.

  • Alcohol: 8,6%
  • IBU: 37
  • Plato: 25


We absolutely love barleywine. But when we decided to brew this beer, we almost came to blows. Some wanted the classic version, others favored the wheat one. But rye won out. Raisins, dried fruits, rich caramel. The best beer for indulgence.

  • Alcohol: 9,8%
  • IBU: 63
  • Plato: 23